What the heck is this?

The Rock -N- Ride Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt is an annual event held in the southern part of the United States.  How it works…

Registered riders are provided with a rally flag, event rules, GPX data, and a Rally Book containing information about bonus locations (including point values). Based on the locations, point values, and whether they’re trying to win or just have a nice, relaxing ride, the riders decide which locations to visit during the event.

At bonus locations riders may be required to take a photo of an item or landmark along with their rally flag, often including their motorcycle (or themselves) in the photo. Some locations require other activities such as purchasing some small trinket, answering a question using information found on site, or possibly even participating in a group photograph.

On the date(s) of the event riders begin at or after a set time (often at a set location) and must arrive at the end location at or before a set time.

Those are the basics. People have a great time riding these “rallies” aka motorcycle scavenger hunts, and I’m sure you will too! Whether being competitive and going for a podium finish or just choosing locations based on the scenery you’re sure to have an adventure.